Saturday, July 9, 2011

Toughest 10K in Texas Recap and Pictures

All in all a really hard run for me. Hill after hill and mentally I just didn't do good. At one point I wanted to strip off my shirt and run in my bra and kept telling myself if I threw my shirt on the side of the road I could come back and get it. And no one would notice I was running in my bra right?? Most of it I just kept looking down at my feet and each step instead of staring at each hill coming up. Kept putting one foot in front of the other and I got through it with a great time! Glad I ran it and I will try this race again next year for sure!


And it's time to go

No pictures in between just one of me coming back towards finish line.

Can you see my face? Yes this was after and I was SOOO tired!!! (No not doing sit up, just struggling to get back up from my prone position!)

Phene and I listening to some music while awaiting the results

1st in my age division. 3rd female overall. Under 8 minute splits and I beat my last 10k time. So I am happy! (I have a little strut going on here!)

So my Garmin said a different mileage than what the race should have been which was 6.2. Who do I trust???? Has anyone else had this experience?


  1. Congrats, Rain! Hills + Heat + Humidity make for a tough 10k combo. My Garmin is usually a tad long - I've found the longer the race, the further my Garmin is off (i.e marathon courses often measure .20 long). Courses are measured from the shortest possible way from start to finish - so if you take corners wide, or do a lot of weaving around people, especially in a crowded race it will add on some distance. It always frustrates me.

  2. Awesome! Congrats :) I wish I could run... I can't believe you wore black... hehe

  3. Congratulations on your run! That is awesome!!!

  4. YESSS!!! Great job!!! I'm pretty sure our weather up here in Wiscy yesterday matched yours (85 deg, no clouds, 75% humidity?) Therefore my Half turned into a 10K. And a 1:15 10k at that. Ouch.