Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Life From My Cell Phone

Here is a chronicle of my life lately via my cell phone

Zydeco New Orleans Shaved Ice....it's so good!

Phene got to go to In and Out in Dallas with Sean...I was so jealous!

Lexie is having to come to work with me more, since I can't trust her not to jump fence and trash house. 

The other day we had such a BIG storm.  You can't tell, but in this first picture, there is funnel shaped cloud.  Thank goodness it broke up really fast....tornado's scare us.

Phene can ride her big girl bike with training wheels! 

Sean's new favorite drink...Corona-rita

We have been loving our local splash pad!

We just started Game of Thrones Season 2...LOVE it!

And last but not least.....

My mom got Phene a pig that poops jelly beans...fun!


  1. Oh that Carona-rita is right up Vans's alley!

    Crazy looking storms.

    Glad the tata tamer is working for you. I tossed my Target cheapos and bought another tamer. They seem to last a while.

  2. Phene is so photogenic!!
    I love Corona-ritas! That sounds really good right now...