Monday, May 7, 2012

Week Plans

Monday-Dane's Lower Body & 3 miles (done)
Tuesday-Dane's Upper Body & 2 miles
Wednesday-Dane's Core & 2-3 miles
Thursday-Dane's Lower Body & 2 miles
Saturday-Mojitos, laying in the sun

I had a LAZY weekend!  Saturday I did P90x Yoga and Sunday I took a complete rest day.  It was hotter than hell and super humid, which was the only downside.  I guess summer is here, and my only question is...will our air conditioner make it through the summer....I am crossing my fingers it will!!!!

Saturday also we redid the planter in front of our house.  It was nice to finally accomplish something outside in our yard.  I am just hoping that the plants grow, and we can get it look somewhat decent again.  The drought/heat last summer really ruined our yard last year.  Even though we are already on water use restrictions, I am going to be more pro-active this year about at least watering everything a few days a week even if it's only for a couple minutes.
As you can see Phene helped water.

Sunday we went to a potluck at my gym.  It was ok...I don't really talk to people too much there since I am mostly working out.  So, I didn't really know that many people.  Plus, I am socially awkward as it is.  I am glad I went and showed my face though.  As I do like the gym and the trainers and owner and want to support it as much as I can.

Short week at work this week....Friday morning I leave for Jamaica!  I still can't believe I am actually taking a vacation!  I am going to try and get as many workouts in this week as I can before I leave, because who knows if I will get in any workouts while I am gone.

I hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Oh how cute is she!?? I am the same way, we have planters and stuff like that and I really hope they grow otherwise the Peanut gets so dissapointed! Not mention my husband too! HA

    Rest days are good. I am glad that I am back posting again AND reading blogs .... although when I become employed again, how on earth will I find the time! ha :)

    Saw you discovered Instagram ... so many people are into that ... I am tempted.