Thursday, May 3, 2012


I woke up with sore hips/butt this morning.  Actually I have been sore every day since Monday's intense class that included way more squats than I wanted to do.  I started thinking this morning though that I am usually not sore for so many days after, and maybe my hip issue is coming back.
I felt panicked.
I feel like though I don't do my hip exercises and roll outs every single day, I have increased my mileage SLOWLY and I try to stretch a lot more.  I feel like I have been doing the right things.
Maybe it's soreness...only time will tell.  It didn't hurt while I ran 2 miles this morning, so that must be a good sign.
It frustrates me that I am so hyper aware of these things now.  It's good that I am listening to my body, and being a smarter runner...but geez I would love to relax during a workout and for just once not be thinking about my hip, or my shins, or my back.

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  1. I would guess it's from the squats. Those things can be the devil! I'm doing squats on a pretty much daily basis to stregthen the glutes, and they left me sore the first week until I got used to them.