Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where Do I Start

Friday my dad flew in from Hawaii fro Phene's bday. I worked half a day, picked him up and we went home.  Phene played shy for about an hour and then she was so happy he was there and more happy he was hanging on every word she said.  We ate a quiet dinner at home and prepared for the next day.
Saturday we had Phene's bday party which went really well. Pretty non-stressful.  Only a few kids showed up (out of the 24 I invited!  I guess a few got lost and gave up trying to find it from what I got on my voicemail later that day.)  Regardless it was perfect weather with a nice breeze and really I have nothing at all to complain about.  Here are a few pics below....

We opened presents at home afterwards as we ran out of time.
She loved everything and got some great thoughtful gifts!
Sunday we went to the park and just hung out.
Monday, which was Phene's actual bday we went downtown to Zilker Park and rode the train. 

That night Phene had her first tumbling class.  It was the same place we had tried before, but they had a new location and a new teacher.  I think she is really going to enjoy it.  They jumped on the trampoline, did the splits, somersaults, back bends, etc...She didn't listen really well, but hopefully the more she goes the better she will get.

It's amazing to me how fast time has flown by!  I just can't believe she is 3 years old.  She is becoming so talkative and inquisitive and she drives me CRAZY!....but I love her so much and can't imagine my life without her!

Tuesday came and  it was back to work!
I did manage to work out Friday at Dane's where I did an upper body class.
Saturday I ran 2 miles and did Ab Ripper
Sunday I did yoga and Ab Ripper
Monday I ran 2+ miles
and Tuesday I had to bring my dad to airport and didn't have time for a workout.
I still feel off on my schedule!  I know my eating habits were HORRIBLE this weekend!  We ate WAY too much birthday cake!

My hip has been hurting me and I have had some shin pain which has been no fun.  I may need to roll out every day again?  I have been doing my hip exercises every other day, and maybe I need to start doing them everyday again.  So $%*%&*%* frustrating!!

I signed up for the K9 5k this morning.
And I feel pretty optimistic.  See the winning time from 2011 below....

I can totally beat that time!  I know it all depends on who shows up on race day, but I think we may have a chance.  And we have about 4 weeks to train for it.

Alright that's about as much of a recap as I can get in today, as I am SWAMPED at work!


  1. I am so glad Phene had a great party, and that you were able to spend some time with your Dad. It sounds like she had a very Happy Birthday :)

    I hate to hear that about your hip and shin. Mine will flare up every now and again, and it's hard to figure out a rhyme or reason. Ugh - hang in there (I know you are sick of hearing that!)

    P.S. The bounce house looks like fun, is it bad that I am an adult and want to jump in it?.

    P.P.S I'll be rooting for you and Cooter!!

  2. Every day. Do them every single day.

    Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! So awesome she got to see her grandpa :)