Thursday, March 29, 2012

That's One Fast Dog!

I turn 33 at the end of this month and I thought what would be more fun then to run a race on my birthday weekend!?

So here is the one I found....
As I was looking at the registration information last night I came upon this....
I was planning on running the 10k part of this race.  But the above blurb made me rethink it.

Ok, so we all know I have been injured, and I am probably not going to set any PR's or win any races anytime real soon.  BUT, my dog could and I will tell you why I think so.

First let's introduce.....Cooter!

Remember him?
Well this guy has been making a comeback with me.  For the last few months I have brought him on almost every run I have been on.  He comes to the gym and waits in the car, he sleeps under my desk all day...he's the best!

Now he might not look like much but he has some skills! First he never pulls, he knows where he is supposed to be and he stays by my side.  We weave, we jump curbs, we switch directions, and he is always right there and has never tripped me up!  There are dogs, there are cars, there are people....he doesn't give a s###. (Much like the famed honey badger!)

He also has some speed.  Yesterday we ran 2 miles with 7:10/7:08 splits.  And granted he was tired by the end, he didn't slow down!

So this is why I think we can win.

Anyone who is coming out for the 5K and is planning on running fast and winning isn't going to be bringing their dog.  Running competitors are just that, competitive.  A dog is a distraction, and could possibly slow you down! 

Now I know 7 minute splits aren't going to win any 5k here in Austin, but I think this is pretty fast for a dog.

I am seriously considering this.  Wouldn't that be SO cool.........



  1. I will say this - I have gotten my butt kicked by multiple dogs before. I ran the Donkey & Doggy Dash the year before last, and it was freaking amazing how fast some of those dogs were. The top five dog/owner combos were all under 20 minutes.

    (Not to discourage you at all, this event was geared specifically towards dog owners - my point being I had no idea some dogs could run so fast). I'm rooting for you and Cooter!

  2. That you named your dog Cooter has me in side stitches!!! Did you end up doing it?