Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I don't usually get involved in hot topics. I don't really follow politics and I don't really follow the news. (Besides what I read on google news, and I mostly look in the entertainment section)

BUT....there is something that has been a reoccuring topic here in Austin.

APD....or the Austin police department.

They have a pretty bad reputation. And it seems that either APD has some major issues, or the residents of Austin are really hard on them. A few months back there was an incident that you can read about here. (And on the top of this page this guy also has an article/post about the most recent incident involving a dog being shot) And just last week there was an incident where a cop shot a guy during a struggle. I can list about 5 or 6 different incidents I have heard about just in the last few months.

Almost every incident is followed by some people in Austin claiming police misconduct. (Just read the comments on the bottom of the article above) The people of Austin say that the APD are brutal, unjust, and abuse the power they have. I personally can't blame the police entirely. Do I think the dog should have been shot? No. Do I think policemen/women make poor judgement calls, ABSOLUTELY!
BUT.... (!!!)
It's a tricky job. Just look at this. An APD officer is called to Walmart because there is a guy who is drunk causing issues. Who knew this guy had a gun? Who knew that he was going to shoot it? My point being that police officers are taking a risk ANYTIME they go to a call. Any call or stop, no matter how simple or benign it seems can turn in to a shooting/murder/chase etc...

They have to be careful, they have to be tough, and they have to be ready for anything. Alas, they are also human!

It's a tough unforgiving job. I think there are some "bad apples" that ruin the reputation of all cops, and it's unfortunate. Say what you want, but these are the men and women who you depend on in an emergency. Who you call if someone breaks in to your house, car...These are the people who will be there for you when you need it.

Give them a break...

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