Friday, March 23, 2012


All in all it was a good week. I didn't get as many runs in as I wanted to but I did workout every day.

I will be sad when my membership at Dane's ends in the beginning of April :( It's hard to get motivation to do these workouts by yourself. It's so much easier when there are other people doing it with you and an instructor helping and encouraging you on.)

At lunch today I went and did upper body fusion. It was pretty humid and I got pretty sweaty. When I got back to work, a little late, I had to jump right in to working and couldn't take shower. Oh well, I stink, and I feel sticky but there are worse things. Lucky I guess I work in such a casual office. I do have to say a few people have come over to talk to me and have kept their distance. I don't really care, the less face time with these people the better!
Sunday is the Capitol 10K. Do I feel prepared? No. Have I run 6 miles? No, not for months. Will I walk? Probably not. I am pretty good at pushing myself and have faith in myself that though this may be a slow race there will be no walking, and I will cross the finish line. BUT, I would have liked to race this one...and I would have liked to set a new PR. My last 10k was around 45 minutes. Oh well, soon enough I will hopefully be back to running 6 miles competitively.

Hope you have a good weekend all!


  1. 1) Perfect picture.

    2) I've had that happen on some lunch hour runs too - I still think my well-earned stink beats their sedentary aroma anyday.

    3) I'm the same way in a race. I. Do. Not. Walk. I'm sure you'll do well, though - grit and determination + the running you've been able to do = success!

    Keep us updated!

  2. I am notoriously for skipping a shower to get my full workout in, and then head back to work stinky. I have no shame.

    Good luck on Sunday! I bet you will surprise yourself :)