Monday, March 26, 2012

Capitol 10K Recap

I didn't have my phone or camera with me, so unfortunately I didn't really get any good pictures of the race.  I stole these above from here.

This was a HUGE race!  (23K runners!) And the first race that I have ever run where you have to get in corrals before hand based on your projected finish time.  The only thing I didn't really like about this, was that once you were in the corral you couldn't leave it, and there wasn't much room for stretching or warming up at all.  So you pretty much stand there for 1/2 hour before the race begins.

I didn't really have any expectations for this race since I haven't run 6 miles in months.  I knew this wasn't going to be a PR for me, more of a test to see where I am at, if I was going to have pain, if I could make it the whole 6 miles without walking.  I ran this with a very good friend of mine, Jessica, and she also hasn't been running as much, so I didn't know how it would go.

The first mile was pretty fast for us at 7:30, after that we settled in to about 8:30-9 minute splits.  Jessica had a side cramp from pretty much mile 1 on.  She told me to go ahead but I stayed with her, I knew I shouldn't really be racing it, and I knew if I left her I would.  What was awesome about this race was that I felt great!  Absolutely NO pain at all.  I felt strong, I felt fresh, and really I feel like I could have probably finished with a great time if I had tried.  I am glad I stayed with Jessica and kept her going.  She did a great job!

Am I back from injury?  Wouldn't that be nice!  You know I really don't know....and I really am going to continue to take it slow and up my miles gradually.  This race was a great starting point for me. 


  1. I'm proud of you! And, so happy you didn't have any pain - that's what's most important. :)

    There was some great photos on that site - I loved the one of someone dangling bacon in front of a runner!

  2. Great Race! Very smart staying with your friend - not only did you get to finish together, you didn't re-injure yourself in your first race back. Taking it slow is the way to go.

    Glad you had a great time!

  3. Many congrats on a pain-free race! My husband raced his first 10k since his ACL injury last year and had a great time. Now he's lookin' for more...

    Congrats! Now stretch, rub, and roll!