Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snowing, for like Two Seconds!

The weekend was way TOO short!

Saturday morning we took Frankie to the vet.  He said he has an upper respiratory infection and prescribed some antibiotics.  He has not got too much better, but I am hoping the medicine kicks in soon :(

Saturday afternoon I went to see "The Vow" with my friend Erin. 

It was really good!  Almost every 5 minutes I felt like crying.  I am not much in to whatever the guy's name is, but he was a sincere character and by the end I was really rooting for him and liking him much more.  And even more interesting is that it's based on a true story...can you imagine?  It was very romantic.

Saturday night we came across "Lars and the Real Girl" on Showtime.  I had heard about this movie awhile back and had wanted to see it, so I was glad I finally had a chance.
Now you may think this was some kind of weird sex movie.  But it was anything but!  It was actually pretty deep and very well done movie.  I recommend it if you haven't seen it.  The characters are so sincere and sweet. Oh Ryan Gosling....really really like him even as some weird midwesterner obsessed with a real doll!
And today...
I ran 2.3 miles and it went really well.  My shin hurt a little during, but it wasn't bad.  I really tried to keep my hips still and my legs moving front to back, and I felt strong, though honestly a little out of shape.  (I also had time to do my Triggerpoint roll outs before my run which I think helped) The best thing is that my shins DID NOT hurt after, and they don't hurt now!  YEAH!
I will try to run another 2 miles on Wednesday...maybe 3? :)

This afternoon it was SUPER cold, and even snowing! (And when I say snowing I mean for like 5 minutes, none of it stuck)

 So we went to the local bowling alley and introduced Phene to bowling!!!!

I love watching her learn and discover new things!

Came home, made a salad, and baked breaded zuchini....and now we are watching Grimm....

My plans for this week are:
Monday - Vinyasa Yoga @ Moshka yoga
Tuesday - Dane's Body Shop Fusion Bootcamp
Wednesday - Run 2 miles
Thursday - Dane's Body Shop Fusion Bootcamp
Friday - Run 2 miles and my ART appointment
Saturday - ??

Hope you all have a GREAT week!


  1. Channing! That's his name! I knew it wasn't Chasing like I was saying :)

    You can join us at Teravista on Saturday morning!

  2. Sounds like a good weekend, for sure :) And like you have a great line-up for the coming week!

    I need to know how to contact you. I want to send you a JBH prize...yeah...I'm slow like that :P