Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Dogs Have Stinky Breath!

*Fusion Bootcamp is hard! I am super sore. Today we did a lot of lunges and squats, burpees, jumping jacks, more lunges, weights, legs were SHAKING the whole entire time! Week one down....4 more to go. I have signed up for 2 classes a week for 5 weeks. I almost felt like I should take a before and after pic!

*My shin is still hurting....which I am not happy about. I am going to try and run a couple of miles tomorrow morning and we will see how it goes. Hips and back are's just this one damn shin! I am rolling out my calves like a crazy person, and it is feeling less and less painful each time. Just wish it would heal already! I am tired of not running.

*I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about this milkshake at Jack in the Box (Maybe it was Burger King?) it is a bacon milkshake. (Which BTW sounds nasty!) but it has 1000 calories in one serving. Seriously?? I just can't believe they even make this kind of crap that is so bad for you....and I am sure there are people drinking them...just so unbelievable to me!

*My dog Frankie is having some breathing/throat issues. At first I thought he was reverse sneezing....but I think it's beyond that. From what I have been reading little dogs are prone to having a collapsed trachea ...I guess it's easily treated with medications but still very dangerous and even can be life threatening. The vet put him on some decongestants....but they aren't helping. Looks like we will be going to the vet Saturday morning to maybe get Xrays. Meanwhile, he came to work with me and is sitting in my lap as we speak snorting away. Poor guy :(  I have to rub his throat every 10 minutes or so, which helps his breathing. (BTW, he has the worst breath ever!  Supposedly this is another fun thing that Chihuahuas are notorious for!)

That's all I have for today...Thank goodness it's almost the weekend!!!!!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Frankie. Poor little guy! Keep us updated. I bet he enjoys being at work with you though :)

    I'm so glad you found a good boot camp class! That sounds really intense. I bet it will make you a stronger runner. I'm proud of you for trying something new - it's easy to get in ruts as runners, and you've really worked hard at finding good workouts to replace running.

    Speaking of running...damn shin...keeping my fingers crossed you're back running soon!

    1. Definitely take before and afters! It's so awesome to be able to see the changes - even if you don't share the pix with the public. :p

      It is Jack in the Crack. It's bacon flavored syrup. And we wonder why America is morbidly obese...

      Poor pup... allergies are bad for doggies too... Hershey was allergic to all sorts of things. I hope he feels better soon!

  2. I love bacon. And I even made a maple syrup bacon ice cream for Thanksgiving (it was an amazing contrast of sweet and salty/creamy and crunchy). But bacon flavored milkshake makes me squirm.

    Hope the pooch is okay. :)