Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have had a bit of an Aha moment here at work.

(I know I should be thinking about work, but of course my mind is pre-occupied with running.)

My shin is still hurting and my legs are still just not 100% even after almost a week without running.

So....this is what I am thinking.....remember that marathon plan I showed you a few posts back?
Well here it is again....

I think when I do start running again, which will hopefully be soon, I might just start over.

Start from a marathon plan beginning.  (I am going to do some research in to some other plans too, to make sure I am picking the correct one, that fits my schedule, etc...)

I don't know what my hurry is...I don't know why I am needing to rush things.  I love running, I don't want to be hurt, I want to continue running injury free...and perhaps that means I just need to start over and get a good base.  Start over with some good cross training mixed in.  Start over with some good core mixed in.  Start over using the exercises I learned from the ART guy. Just restart running completely.

I need to think about this more.  But I think this is going to be my plan when I can start running again.


  1. Smart move - there's nothing more important than having that foundation. Having comeback from injury myself, I know how you feel.

    I really like the look of that plan...might just have to "borrow" it for my fall race...

    Good luck and keep at it!

  2. Check out the Furhman First marathon plan. Only three days of running but quality running. I was always injury free when I did this. I plan to start training February using it.