Thursday, November 17, 2011

Date Night

This weekend my husband and I are going on a date night. We are going to see a movie...

And have dinner...

This is a totally new concept to me, and one I have wanted to try for awhile.
Here in Austin they have a infamous chain of theatres called Alamo Drafthouse. Where you can watch a movie, eat, drink beer, all from your movie seat.  Sounds fun right?  They don't have anything like this that I know of in California. 
Well Flix Brewhouse is the same concept, just closer to our house, and perhaps not as trendy cool and perhaps not as crowded as the Alamo Drafthouse.  (Because we are in our mid thirties you know, not as cool and trendy as we used to be)
This will be our first date night in about 6 months. 
With kids and work we just don't get much time to get out alone.  PLUS, we don't really have family around here...well not many family members that can babysit.

Should be a busy weekend!
Here is my plan.....

Saturday morning 20 mile run with my Run Tex group

nap (I am old, you remember right?  I mean my bedtime is usually around 830p, so I need a nap if I am going to make it through a movie!)

And movie/date night on Saturday

And probably just fun stuff like cleaning house on Sunday

But yes you did read that correctly....I have a plan for 20 miles on Saturday.  Should be fun!
(Well, maybe not fun, but should be interesting and I always try to think about how great I will feel afterwards...and how I can eat anything I want for the rest of the day :)  )


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  1. Have fun at the movie (you deserve a fun date night!) and have a great 20 miler (you've totally got this)!