Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Bone to Pick

I am not really in a rantin' and ravin' mood today...I am more just in a mildly annoyed mood.

  • We have this guy in our office who chews/eats ice for 9 hours straight. The sound of people crunching ice is one of my pet peeves. I can't stand it! It makes me cringe. So I have a heater that acts like a white noise machine under my desk. I have it on all day so I can't hear this ice chewer....but why? Why chew ice all day long? I always pray the ice machine breaks down or his teeth fall out....but that hasn't happened yet. Damn it! :(

  • I'm tired. Getting up early every day wears on me at times. I get up at about 5-5:15 so I can get a run in before work. It's never easy getting up and getting going. And I guess it's not like I sleep in any way. Even on weekends I am up around 6a...but I am tired. I would like one day where I can lay around on a beach all cell kids...maybe just a good book...OH and a long nap...I can dream right?

  • I have 5K this weekend in the town where I live. This was the first race I had EVER run and of course since I live in the smallest town ever, I won. I feel like I have to run it this year again, if only because it's about a mile from my house. So, yesterday I was thinking about my goals for this I went here to see how fast I ran my last 5K. you can see below I ran the last one pretty damn fast....Can I beat that time this year? I had to double take on this...really? 7 minute miles...Holy moses...Now I really have something to live up to this weekend...I will just go out and do my best, but I know my inner competitor is going to try and run faster...damn it!

  • I just finished the book "The Help". More than a few people told me that this book was SO good. And the movie was really good too. So, I thought I would give it a try. It was one of the most anti-climatic books I have read in a long time. Good characters...and a good story.....but the end ruined it for me. Nothing happened. This great story unfolds and you get interested and then BOOM! Nothing. Oh, well, at least I can say I read it. And yes I will probably see the movie when it comes out on DVD.

  • And last but not least this is something that annoys me all the time!
Runner's World:

Daily Mile:

Ok so I track my runs in two places....Runner's World which I have been using for about 2 years, until I heard about Daily Mile.  I don't want to stop using Runner's World because it has a lot of runs from the total mileage ever, etc...But I like Daily Mile because it's kind of interesting reading about other people's training.  ANY WHOO.....Runner's World weeks start on Sunday....Daily Mile on Monday.  So according to Daily Mile I have run 10 miles this week, and 27 miles last week.  According to Runner's World I ran 16 miles last week, and 21 miles this week.  This ANNOYS me!  So my goal every week is between 25-30 miles.  So according to Runner's World I slacked last week....and according to Daily Mile I am slacking this week.  WTF!? I wish I could just add all my old miles in to Daily Mile. But that would take forever.

That's about all I have for today.  What is annoying you today?  Do you have someone in your office who does something you just can't stand?


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  2. I actually took a sick day today because EVERYTHING was annoying me, haha. Well, not really but I was so tired, so I can completely relate (and you have it harder with two little ones at home). I slept from 8:30 pm last night until 7 am this morning and feel better...hope you can catch up on some rest.

    Someone should tell the ice chewer that is really bad for his teeth!

    I think you can beat your time from Red Poppy. You clocked some 6:30 mile repeats not long ago at run group and have only gotten faster since then. Good luck!