Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Race Recap & Weekend in Pictures

Saturday morning we went out to Sweetberry Farm in Marble Falls with my friend Krystal and her daughter Kaylie. The weather was perfect and we had a great time!

Sunday was my 10 mile race. My husband didn't get too many pictures because he had the two kids with him. I am hoping the race photographer got a few...but we all know how race pictures turn out!

Here I am running in....black shirt and shorts kind of in middle...

The kids participated in the kids k after which was fun...and some of the booths were handing out candy. This was the first kids k for both of them.

Cow Parade is in town and I wanted to get at least one picture with a cow....but as you can see more of a family pic than a cow pic.

Proud kids with their first race tee shirts!

As I told you in my last post this was a GREAT race for me! I don't know if it was just a good day, perhaps I fueled just right, drank just the right amount of water, or perhaps the french fries I ate the night before :)...but I felt strong and I finished with a great time! With negative splits the last 5 miles....I couldn't complain!

(Oh and a note on fueling....I had a Shot Block before the race....and at mile 7. I also ate 2 sweedish fish in between. It worked perfectly!)

Here are some of my observations from the race....

  • I should have started more towards the front of the starting line. And listen up people!!! If you are going to power walk the race....get in the back of the line! I swear I passed like 5 power walkers.....ANNOYING!

  • Not everyone should wear Lululemon. Lululemon has some cute clothes...some cute shorts...and some VERY short shorts that some people should not try to squeeze into. Sorry if this offends anyone, but I don't want to see butt cheek in front of me. AND I am not really understanding the Lululemon guy. I swear there was this guy I was running with for awhile that was dressed from head to toe in Lululemon. Even down to his socks. Its better than the no shirt thing...but it was a little overkill. (And yes I am a people watcher in races and in life. Keeps me occupied and distracted while running)

  • I like passing people, though I feel kind of bad doing it to some people. I was running with this lady for awhile and she was going strong. We came to the first real steep hill and she dropped off....I wanted to yell behind me "YOU CAN DO IT! DON'T GIVE UP!!" but you know...I was passing her and it was one less person in my way so I didn't say anything :) (JUST KIDDING....I did feel guilty)

  • And last but not least....I love racing...I love running....at least I do when I have a great day like this!

And a shout out to my dear friend Wilma (pictured far right). She ran the LA Rock n Roll on Sunday! Woo Hoo! Great job Wilma!


  1. HOLY COW...10 MILES IN AN HOUR???? Supergirl is handing her cape to you my dear friend!!!! Thank you for the shout out and for the inspiration, I'm going to get back on track here. Love you Rain - you are a fabulous lady!!

  2. Love the pictures - looks like the girls had a great time at the farm & at the race.

    On your observations -
    -Yes, you belong in the front. Many of the people up there do not. I was very close to the front (only 2 seconds difference between gun time and chip time) and I STILL almost literally ran over a walker who positioned herself at the very front then proceeded to walk. It may sound mean, but I don't understand why people continue to do it. I know I am a slow swimmer, so in triathlons, I place myself in the back accordingly. I feel like it should be common courtesy.

    -The Lululemon guy must make a very good living to be dressed head to toe in Lululemon! I have to save up for one pair of shorts, I can't imagine an entire wardrobe!

    -I love racing too. Watch out, it's addicting. I am proof of that :)