Thursday, October 27, 2011

Candy Corn Oh Candy Corn Where Art Thou Candy Corn

I have been seeing it in the store...

I have been seeing it at work...

And so far so good...I have not indulged.

But boy does it sound so good!

I am trying to be a good healthy eater this week since I have a race on Sunday.

Oh but when Sunday afternoon comes around...candy corn here I come!

Does anyone else like to eat it in sections? Ya, I am weird like that!


  1. Snickers, Candy corn, Milk duds and the best of them all, Chick-O-Sticks! Oh man, I love Chick-O-Sticks!

  2. Oh man, candy corn and candy corn PUMPKINS are killer ... I've had ONE pumpkin, ONE so far this year. Holding back big time.

    Goodluck on Sunday! Kick some butt and thanks for commenting today. Morning runs here I come!

  3. My mom sends me a huge Halloween goody box every year (her birthday is on Halloween) and so I have several bags of candy corn at the are welcome to one (or 5) of my bags!