Friday, September 23, 2011

Because You are Just Dying to Know More About Me!

Things I love....

The Coffee Bean
This is the best place to get a mocha! They use chocolate powder instead of syrup, which makes all the difference in the world. This place puts Starbucks to shame!
(They just recently opened a location here in Austin too! But alas I haven't been there because it's still an hour away from my house in the boondocks!)
Brie cheese
My God is this cheese truly amazing!
I mean who am I kidding I love all cheese! But I do hold a special place for brie, it's just so darn good!

(Trader Joe's makes this Brie in Crouet (Spelling?) Oh boy if you have never tried it, it's a must! Brie in bread what a combination!)
Asics Gel Cumulus
I am truly a shoe snob! I am very picky about my running shoes and it has served me quite well thank you! These shoes are the best! They tru
ly fit me like a glove, and I will be sticking with them for awhile!
(Oh, I could write an ode to my running shoes, I truly do love them, and adore them!)

Sidney Sheldon's Books
I am a busy person. I really don't get that much time to sit and read these days, but when I do I have been reading Sidney Sheldon. Sure there is a cheesiness factor. Sure there is not much philosophical going on. But these books are entertaining! And easy to read. Master of the Game has to be my favorite books by him!

Hanalei Bay Kauai Hawaii

You know how sometimes you remember places from your childhood and you go back to that place as an adult and the place just isn't the same? Whether it be because of growth or just because as a kid we have a certain imagination, and sometimes things were different then they seemed? Well this place has never disappointed me. I could fill blog post after blog post of pictures that would not do this place a BIT of justice! The ocean, the mountains, the sand, the sky...I am in awe of the raw beauty of Hanalei Bay. I miss it all the time! And yearn to walk along it's sandy shoreline with the tradewinds blowing in my hair.
(How very lucky I was to be able to spend more than a few years in this wonderful place! Don't get me wrong, I don't want to go back and live there, but I would love to go visit again soon!)
Shaved Ice with Ice Cream on the Bottom
Since we are on the topic of Kauai, you know what sounds SO good right now?? Shaved Ice...with ice cream on the bottom! There is nothing better! If you haven't tried it you are missing out!

And last but in NO WAY Least.....

Little Phene, she is something lately. She's sassy, in to everything, she talks back, she cries because she thinks it helps her get her way, she has a constant boo boo that needs a band aid, she won't use the potty, she's constantly moving and never sits still, She likes to tell me what to do, and did I mention she never sits still and is all over the place??
But even through all this this the little bugger never ceases to make me smile! She says the funniest things, she does funny little dances, has some quirky little behaviors that make me laugh....and I just miss her all the time when I am at work :(

Anyway, now you know more about me! So very exicting! :)

Have a good weekend all! Hope you all have great runs!


  1. baked brie with apple slices to dip into it is pretty freakin' awesome... you might try it sometime :)

    We need to get Miss C and Little Phene together... they can compare notes and drive us nuts.

    And the shave ice w/ ice cream... o man. I used to be addicted to that combo when I lived in Philly. The best place was around the corner from my apartment.

    Kauai... yes. Now, please.