Monday, September 26, 2011

And this Little Piggy Went Waa Waa Waa All the Way Home

Long run this last Saturday went really well. 15 miles in about 2:22 and I felt really good. Jessica had something come up so I met with the Run Tex group at 630a. Quite a few people showed up but there were 4 of us that split off and ran the San Gabriel Trail.

I felt great! No pain, no struggles, and I tried the Shot Blocks again and this time I felt fine. Though I did supplement with a few Sweedish Fish in between which I think helped! The only thing that went wrong on this run was my Garmin. When you are obsessed with your Garmin, as I am....and when you depend on your Garmin to tell you everything, like I do....and when you look down and you are miles off of what everyone else has on their Garmin....and you notice that your time is also off by almost 10 get a little irritated. This coupled with my backlight issue forced me to go back to Best Buy and try to return it...and luckily they replaced it completely with no fuss! So, a new Garmin....YEAH! (This really wasn't my first issue with it. Last week during speedwork with the Run Tex group my splits on our tempo run were almost 10 seconds faster then they should have been! And I need every second advantage I can take!)

Now on to this morning....

I cried, oh yes I cried.

This morning is my usual 5 mile recovery run. And usually I have a few little twinges, or a sore spot for a few seconds...or I just feel a little old and creaky. BUT this morning was different. Within a 1/2 mile my ankle was killing me. I mean I NEVER walk and I almost did. I slowed down and it went away for the most part. I continued on and it didn't hurt again until my last 1/2 mile. Again, pretty unbearable pain. The last 1/4 mile on I cried. Not because it hurt, but because I am SO scared of getting hurt and not being able to run. I depend on running so much....PLUS my first 1/2 marathon is 2 weeks away. So, yes I was a big baby on my run today. I am sitting here at the moment with ice on my ankle. Hoping...Praying...that this was ankle pain was just a fluke...or something that won't bother me on my next run.

And let me tell you all....if I get hurt and can't run. Watch out world! I get a little cranky!


  1. My husband lost my Garmin ANT stick. I am devastated. Yes, Garmin dependency is a problem ... but a good one! :)

    Nice mileage for you as well! Very impressive. I like the 5 mile recovery run the next day ... whereas I opt out and do nothing ha! Eventually I'll get back to recovery running ...

    I hope your ankle issue isn't anything serious. Ice it when you can. I have twinges from time to time and I find icing it and babying it for just a day or two makes a difference!

  2. 15 miles = awesome. You are doing so great!! I am obsessed with my Garmin as well; when mine isn't functioning properly, I steal my husbands :).

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you on your ankle. I would guess it's just a little tweak/ache from the increase in mileage. I had a similar issue with my knee last week, and I was freaking out. But, I iced it for several days and now it's I would bet it is nothing serious, especially since it went away initially and didn't hang around your entire run. Just keep icing it this week.