Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garmin Issues

So this morning's run wasn't so fun.

Not only am I very sore from Plyometrics yesterday....but my stomach is upset and I hope I am not getting the stomach flu or something....

BUT....my garmin really upset me this morning.

So I run the same route at work all the time...and have for years....I have clocked the mileage in my car before I had my garmin...and I have timed/clocked it on the garmin multiple times.

Today it was off. It beeped for a mile way past my usual 1 mile mark, and the 2 mile mark was off too! I didn't cut corners, I didn't alter my route at all.

VERY frustrating!

Why did this happen? Does anyone else have this issue??

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes mine has trouble 'reaching satellites' and so it's signal goes in and out, throwing the distance off. I know how frustrating that is; if it keeps it up, I would call Garmin - they have a great support team.