Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Craigslisting (Totally Unrelated to Running)

As many of you know...or don't know...I am kind of a craigslisting junkie. I have a bit of an obsession that actually clears my family about $600 cash a month. Any whoo.......I wanted to share some of the things I see on there that intrigue me....mind you these are just posts from today, if I had a week or so to put this together I could really show you something!

Large Wooden Reels (Austin)

Date: 2011-07-13, 10:28AM CDT
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Free Large Wooden Reels / spools. Come and get them! They are large so make sure you have a trailor. Come and take as many as you can get. The address is 622 Morrow St. Austin TX 78752. Contact Nathen for pick-up. 512-458-6313. Only take the reels by the b ig blue dumpster.

I don't know what I would use these for. But if I had a trailer and some time I would def go pick a couple of these up! Outside dining table? Kids playscape? Yard ornament? I love the free section!!

Plant Growth Chamber - $22

00 (Northwest Austin)

Date: 2011-07-13, 7:07AM CDT
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For sale 1- Environmental Plant Growth Chamber. I bought this from Texas A&M University. The unit is in great shape,, A&M stated that it worked when removed from service. It's not hooked up to power, so I cant demo nstrate functionability. With that being said item is sold as is with No Warranty. Here is the company website with all of the specs. It is the GC - 15 Model.... This unit has adjustable lighting that raises up and down. When fully installed and hooked up the unit will control temperature, humidity and water the plants. Touchpad control screen and keyboa rd included for setup. I will not respond to emails so if your interested call 512-507-140 7... $ 2200.00 or best offer...

Hmmmm...seems kind of like an expensive way to grow some pot indoors, but pretty cool it waters the plants for you!

Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath Machine - $1000 (Austin)

Date: 2011-07-13, 9:27AM CDT
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Very effective toxin release machine. Just put the device in with your foot bath. And it will suck all the toxins out of your body through your feet. It really works. The water will turn black. It really makes you feel good cleansing your system. 512 507 4739

WOW...this scares are supposed to put this ELETRICAL machine in your footbath (I don't even know what a footbath is, but assuming a bathtub??) and the water turns black from the toxins....hmmm...crazy, and slightly expensive! Who is willing to try this one?

small bouncing balls - $6 (atx)

Date: 2011-07-13, 9:10AM CDT
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if you want it text me. 512 870 7997.

come see it or i can send a pic.

Small bouncing balls??


Date: 2011-07-12, 12:32PM CDT
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HORSE QUALITY ALFALFA HAY. ******(512) 800-1576******

Each bale weighs 1122.72# each. Per ton price is $320.00. 12 bales available at this posting.

This large bale is equivalent to 17.27 small, 2 wire bales weighing 65# each at $10.40 per bale.

Free delivery available within 20 miles of San Marcos.

(512) 800-1576
In all seriousness this is my most wanted item right now. Not only is coastal hay hard to come by right now because of this drought, but alfalfa is's filling with more protein so the ponies eat less and sustain their weight more...It's just so expensive here in Texas!


  1. Oooooh, I did not know Craig's List has a free section! I'll have to check it out. :) I've been more of a Ebay junkie but will have to start looking at Craig's List as will at least provide humor if nothing else. Small bouncing balls??

  2. I love the free section.. but since I got rid of my truck, I have to stay away... otherwise I'm all "Oooo!"

    I plan to furnish the future ranch house with CL's free section... that's my goal :)