Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Too lazy for complete sentences

* This morning was really beautiful and much cooler outside. I really wanted to run without my ipod and enjoy the sounds of the birds and of the thunder rolling in the distance. But I just couldn't! I needed my music this morning! It was cooler but SUPER humid, and my legs were so heavy the last mile! It was definitely a mind over matter run!

*I am trying to just let the chips fall....or be less controlling over certain situations in my life. It's so hard for me because I feel like things should be handled a certain way, and when they aren't it drives me crazy! I am a "doer" and I like when people do things instead of just avoiding or standing still. I have had to take quiet a few deep breaths lately.

*I am meeting up with my running partner Friday morning for a run at Town Lake. Can't wait to catch up with her!

*Contemplating Thursday morning training at Run Tex in Georgetown....or p90x yoga at home. Still undecided!

*Thinking that if someone says they are going to do something they do it!!

*Phene is doing this new thing where she dances and then bows saying "thank you, thank you". It just cracks me up and I don't know where she got it.
Here is the video....sorry about my loud over talking voice...she just likes a little encouragment! She's my little Shirley Temple :)

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  1. haha cute! Kaylee dances a lot... Who knows where kids pick things up from, but I can't wait for K to add on to her bag of tricks. :p