Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, Town Lake, Garmin, etc...

This morning I headed down to Austin to run with Jessica. We were set to meet up at 8am, but of course I was 20 minutes early. It gave me some time to observe the phenomena known as the coolest and best(uber trendy) place to run in Austin....Town Lake.

The deluge of different types of people who run here always amazes me! You have moms with strollers, the young college kids, the shirtless guys (There are way too many of these by the way! And I am not saying this jokingly. I really think more men should run with their shirts on.), the old ladies, the people running with dogs, people without dogs, a few homeless people (they weren't running), the list goes on and on....there is some people watching to be had here for sure!

Something I also noticed (because I was waiting in the area that is the starting/ending are for many people's runs) is how people look when they are running, either starting out or stopping. Nobody was smiling, everyone looked to be struggling. You could see people kind of sprinting at the end of their runs, really pushing it, faces beet red, dripping sweat, and the relief when they stopped! Well only a runner knows how good it feels to be DONE with a run. Perhaps this look of relief is even better than a smile for me, I guess because I can relate. I love when my run is over, not only the feel of accomplishment, but my body silently applauds because I have stopped torturing it!

Now the people starting out were a were a completely different story. Very lighthearted, stretching, smiling, joking with friends, clean clothes, no sweat....and than the game face comes on and they are off. Some start fast, some start walking, some start with a slow jog. Ipods are being adjusted, Watches are being set, all in preparation for the run ahead.

Ok enough about my observations!

Jessica and I had a good run and it was nice to chat and catch up! We decided to do the reverse loop which a little harder with a few more uphills. We had planned on going 5 miles but cut over a mile early and ended up only running 4.06. Which was ok with me as it was humid, my legs felt heavy, and it was hot! You know, the normal excuses :)

And........I got to use my new Garmin for the first time. I still need to figure it out but so far I really like the information it gives you. Stay tuned, because now this blog will be filled with all the information about my splits, elevation, heart rate, calories burned, etc... Well, maybe not...but I need to record this info somewhere, it's too cool to keep to myself.

Have a good weekend all!

My 2nd Favorite Place to Run So Far..Manhattan Beach, California....
Also I have to share my new guilty refined sugar so I don't feel too guilty!


  1. Thanks for the encouragement on the marathon training - If I was as fast as you, it would be a no brainer. But I have to figure in a whole lot of extra training time because I'm just so slow!
    I'm curious to know what Garmin you chose and how you are enjoying it? I love my Garmin, only a runner can find sheer joy in seeing things like pace, HR, splits and the such.

  2. You'll love your Garmin! I'm probably too obsessed with mine :).

  3. I am jealous. One of the places I have always wanted to run was Austin and I have heard of Town Lake. I think it stems from my Kristin Armstrong addiction! :-)

    Enjoy your Garmin. I love mine. I've had two in my life-time already and cannot wait to charge mine up and RUN!!!

    Have a great weekend!