Friday, June 17, 2011

Boo Hoo Me

The humidity was brutal this morning. I was going to run 5 miles but had a bad side cramp from the first 1/2 mile on so I ran 4 miles instead. I am telling you that this humidity wears you out!!!

My running partner can't run with me this weekend, so I might try to go to the Georgetown running Group at 630a and do a few miles with them. I think I might need to find some more running friends, as I am feeling like my running partner is not really up to running lately and has a lot going on in her hoo me!! I feel a little let down. I love her dearly though and I hope she is back running with me again soon!

I am going to start my 12 week 1/2 marathon training on July 1st. About a month early but I really want to start increasing my mileage so sooner rather then later is better. PLUS, I have also found a local trail running group that I would love to join, but I need to be up to running more miles physically.

That's about all I have for today. Have a good weekend all!
(sorry for short crappy post, work is BUSY!)


  1. That's a bummer running in this humidity without a running partner. I totally feel your pain. I hate running in the humidity especially by myself! I think running group sounds like a great idea! Meet more people! I love the running community!

  2. Agreed!!! The humidity is the worst!!! Even when it's cooler, if it's still humid I drop down to like 60% of my normal running "awesomeness" ;P

  3. I have SO been there through all of that. It is SO hard to stay motivated when your partner is out for awile. Do what you said and find another group till she is back on her feet again. You'll feel so good to have kept it up. Good luck on all the running.

  4. The humidity and wind has just been brutal lately! Sorry about your running partner. You should definitely check out the Georgetown Run Tex groups (misery loves company, haha!). Would love to have you. The Georgetown Trail runners are great as well and meet on Sundays. They have a web site where they post upcoming runs. Hope to see you at run group!