Thursday, May 26, 2011


So after a horrible 3 mile run on Tuesday night I was dreading running this morning. But it wasn't so bad. The north wind has picked up and at least that kept me from drowning in my own sweat. The days are getting hotter here and pretty soon summer will be in full swing, which means 100 degrees all day, every day. And pretty soon I know we will have to break down and turn on the air conditioner! :(

Plans for this weekend:

-Sean and I have tomorrow off and we are planning to go to the Austin Children's museum with his step sister and her son hopefully by the end of the weekend.

-5 Mile Run with Jessica in Georgetown Saturday morning. Last 5 miler before the 10k next Saturday!! I am kind of curious about what are time will be this week. Town Lake is pretty flat and we got a great time, but Georgetown is up and down hills almost the whole way. Stay tuned.....

-Clean the house

-Sunday go with my dear friend Jen to our favorite thrift store :)

If you get a chance take a look and read some of this ladies blogs...A fellow blogger recommended it...laugh out loud funny!

(And yes I am that blogger challenged that I can't add a html link that you can click on....geeezzz Rain!)

Have a good weekend all!!

And by the way....
I am craving a Po'boy Shrimp sandwich....

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