Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I miss riding the ponies...and showing with my mom

I miss my mom too....

Mentally preparing a checklist of what I need this weekend for the race and night in Fredricksburg. This will be the first time I have spent so much time away from Phene. I am a little sad :(

Grandma Alice is coming to visit for a few days which I am looking forward to.

And our air conditioner only needed some freon. (WHEW!!! Relief (!!!!!!) that we don't have to replace it! WOO HOO!!) So today as soon as I get home I am turning that thing on! No more sweating all night long and legs sticking to the couch!

Phene might be going through the "terrible twos". She's not really being bad...but very demanding, and testing and pushing every limit possible. Funny she can be so aggravating sometimes...and then the next second she is melting my heart by giving me a kiss or saying something funny. BELIEVE me she knows she's cute and she works it!

Ran 3 miles in 22 min this morning. When I started the run I was feeling so good. It was one of those RARE easy runs and I felt like I was running so fast. I get to mile 1 and I look at my watch and I am at 9 minutes...WTF! I seriously thought my pace was fast...guess not...kind of brought me down. I finished the 3 miles in 22 minutes which meant I really did run the last 2 miles pretty fast. Did I really run under a 7 minute mile there? Who knows....

I want a Garmin Forerunner...I don't necessarily need one...but wow they seem cool! I might just have to figure out how my NIKE watch works, it does pace, etc...I have just been too lazy to figure it out. I think if I survive the 1/2 marathon I might just see what I can do about getting a Garmin for Xmas.

Here Is little Phene doing her new most favorite thing painting!

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