Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Autism Speaks 8K via Ainsley's Angels.

This last Saturday I got the AMAZING oppurtunity to be an "angel" to a "captain" for Ainsley's Angels.  What a great experience.  One of the most REWARDING races I have ever run!
We ran the Autism Speaks 8K.

Here we are starting out.  We were considered wheelchairs so we got to start 2 minutes ahead of everyone else.
While I raced Phoenix played with her friend Kiana....
They helped hand out waters at the finish line
Here I am on my first loop.  I split off from the group pretty fast and kept up a decent pace for most of the race.  It wasn't an easy course!  There were more than a couple up hills, and some STEEP downhills.
Jess, the girl I pushed was so happy and encouraged me the whole way.  Best cheerleader EVER!
I really hope I get the oppurtunity to be a "captain" and push again.  Please check out their website, it's an amazing organization!
Like I said this race was tough and there were couple parts where I really struggled.  But let me tell you the joy I felt at having two able legs, two able lungs, and the ability to run and pass my joy of running on to someone else....AMAZING...there are not words to describe it honestly.

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to experience this! Sounds like an amazing day.