Friday, January 4, 2013

Bang, bang

When you take such a long break from your blog...well you don't really know what to say when you come back.  Tons of things have been running through my head to blog about these last few weeks, I just haven't had the time or the where-with-all to get it all out....
So here is probably the LONGEST bullet post, post, you have ever read.
(I mean how else am I supposed to write about everything, 3 weeks is a long time!)

  • I have been sick for weeks with a really horrible cold/flu.  Started antibiotics finally a few days ago and I feel somewhat normal...I have run a total of about 16 miles in the last 3 weeks...and have only worked out a few times.  Miserable I tell you!  I have never been sick for 3 weeks.  This has kicked my butt!!!
  • I gained like 5lbs this holiday...and I haven't been able to taste anything for at least a week before Xmas.  How does this happen you ask?  Why would I eat when I can't taste it?  I really don't know myself....and old habits of eating A LOT don't die easily. I mean the food was warm, and know how it was supposed to taste.  Food coupled with running...well let's just say I won't be wearing my jeans, it's spandex all the way for least for a few weeks until I get back to working out/running.  And I also want to mention that I am disappointed I missed tasting all the holiday goodness :(
  • My run group had a Xmas run that I couldn't participate in because I was sick...booo....I had all these big running plans for all the days off I had and I just couldn't get out there.
  • We went to Sea World a few days before Xmas.  It was an odd experience.  I was sick, which was part of my disappointment...but the other part of it was Sea World's complete lack of animal was more like a cheesy carnival than the Sea World in San Diego, and the Sea World I knew as a child.  They had this whole Elmo play land...what does Elmo have to do with the sea/ocean?  When I was a kid we used to go to Marineland in Palos was amazing...there were so many animals and so many displays of ocean life.  Even the shows were a little...thinking of the word...just cheesy.  We won't be going there again at $65.00 per ticket!
  • And....since I haven't run much at all during these 3 weeks...I am bailing out on the Bandera trail run...SOOOO disappointed...but it's next weekend, and I am out of breath after getting dressed!  I don't want to hurt myself or be miserable so I am not going to run it.  I still would like to do a 15K trail run, so I will be on the lookout for a trail run redemption. 
  • The kids drove me crazy over the holiday.  Between being sick, yes they got sick too, they just recovered faster with their superhuman immune systems...lucky them...any way....Xmas makes kids WILD.  And plus we got some cold weather so they were going stir crazy inside.  I don't know what people do who live in super cold climates with snow for do you handle your kids!!!???
  • I don't have any New Years resolutions...actually I don't believe in them.  I would like to run a few more miles in 2013 but other than that, this is just another year, my goals haven't changed too much.
That's it, I think....geez it seemed like I had more than that to say...I know I will think of something else when I publish this!

Happy New Year to all my running friends!  I wish you many injury free easy miles this year!


  1. Glad you are back to blogging and I hope you feel better soon!! Being sick is the worst!

  2. I have asked my Canadian friends the same thing. They don't think it's really THAT cold... I've seen blog pix of them all out there skiing/sledding, etc... one time one friend even posted "Kid was sick.. so we didn't stay outside long.. here's some pix.." and the kid was out there making a snow angel! LOL I think their brain cells are frozen sometimes.. :p (kidding.. kinda.. heh)

    We've been sick on and off all December as well. Just took Liam to the doc today because I suspected an ear infection.. sure enough. In both ears. UGH. I'm over it. Kaylee starts school again on Monday and it can not get here fast enough!

    Sea World sucks.. always has down here... :(

  3. Glad you're back! Sorry you've had an extended illness. No fun!! Hopefully 2013 brings you lots of good health and fabulous runs!