Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We put Xmas lights on the house a little early.
(Pardon all the junk on our driveway)
We went down to F1 Fan Fest here in Austin
Phene played hipster with Willie Nelson

 Cool cars
 Yep, I am walking a chiuahua
 Phene jumped high
 We had a picnic in the grass
I found a new wine I really like
 Phene wrote her name for the first time by herself!
 I got a new Vacuum
 I found this perfect coffee cappuccino maker at goodwill, it makes so much foam...I love foam in my coffee!

I have all week off which has been great so far!!
I'm doing a 5 mile run with Sean and some friends on Thanksgiving morning and then I am cooking...we will see how that goes!
I hope you all have a great holiday weekend!!!


  1. Wow! This post made my heart warm... Glad ya'll are having so much fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yay, Phene! :)

    Your Christmas lights look great. I wasn't happy with ours last year, mostly because Dan used duct tape to put them up. But I guess I can't complain since I didn't help :)

    I'll have to try that wine!

  3. That looks like such a fun Thanksgiving weekend! Love the lights--they're stunning! All white lights are my favorite.