Friday, November 2, 2012

Observations, Musings, and Such

*When did Barbie get so SKINNY?  I mean really this looks ridiculous (And yes, I traded this doll for Phene's Halloween candy...I am indeed the candy nazi)

*Halloween was fun....went trick or treating for about an hour...saw Erin's dogs dressed up (Which was SUPER cute!)...The kids got tons of candy!  And the Belle wig was the highlight of my evening...really the cutest part of Phene's costume!

*I am taking a week off from running....0 miles this week is my plan.  I have been going to Dane's and I did yoga yesterday.  Funny thing...and I mean in a "Isn't it ironic" type of funny....I am having some weird pulling/creaking in my IT band/knee area.  Seriously it's Murphy's Law.  I can only chuckle to myself about it because otherwise I would cry.

*American Horror Story completely jumped the shark! (Damn it! The first season was so good!))

*Here is where I have been all week. (If you can't open the link it's The Lululemon trading post on facebook)  Very cool stuff, and I think trading is a great idea!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


  1. WOAH, Barbie needs a big mac and some fries! Also, if you are looking to get rid of Halloween candy, the pediatric dentist office I work with for Cupid's Chase is offering "Cash for Candy". You can bring in wrapped candy and they will pay you $1 per pound (up to $5).

    I am sorry about the annoying pains. Like I am said before, I am not convinced rest has helped my issues very much. It's just luck of the draw whether the pain will be there from day to day. I agree that it's very frustrating!

  2. such halloween cuties!! life is literally made up of the 'it's not funny but it's funny stuff' and i'm so glad u're like me and just laugh at that sh#t...take care of that IT band, foam roll that sucker and ice/IB like a demon. ;)

  3. I just nominated you for a blog award! :) hope you are having a good weekend!

  4. My kids never go for the candy-for-money/toys trade :( This year my plan is to let them eat a ton of it right off the bat and hope they learn the natural consequences...that plan is failing so far :( Just a bunch of sugar-hyped kids running around! Your kids look adorable!