Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best Laid Plans

So I am between races right now and kind of on the search for what's next. 

I have the TX half marathon in Irving Texas on 2/3/2013 and that's really the only race I have on the "books" and paid for.

Here are some races I am looking at.....
This is kind of a landmark race here in Austin, and hailed as a downhill course.
Looks like a quad killer to me...but hey downhill is better than uphill!!

The other race I am looking in to is the Bandera Trail Race.  I am contemplating the 15K option. I haven't run much on trails so I don't know how well I would do.  Team Luke's might be doing this one as a group so I might try it.  It's on 1/13 though which means I would have to kick my training in high gear like YESTERDAY!  We will see if I can convince Sean to let me run this one!

We need some more 10k's around here that are somewhat affordable.  And I am proposing that there should be more 10 mile runs too!

Any fun races you are planning for?  I really want to do a full marathon...just don't know if this body I have would hold up through training!


  1. Wow, that half almost looks painful! Downhill is nice, but too much downhill can really hurt, too. I agree that we need more 10K's. Why is that distance so hard to find? I don't have any plans at all, which is probably why I'm having trouble staying motivated. I need to find a race! Of course, up here, it's not very nice this time of year!

  2. oooh, fun..i can't wait to hear u kicking butt come february but i agree, there needs to be more 10 mile races overall! :) i hope u find some awesome races between now and the half!