Friday, October 12, 2012

Good News and Bad News

So the good news time from the Tyler Rose 1/2 Marathon is my gun time...not chip time.  So I would personally like to shave off that 40 seconds or so and say I ran it in 1:40.  Works for me!

The bad news...ughhh....race pic came out last night...I am sharing ONLY two with you, because the rest are THAT bad!
(The only thing I like about this one is that I am racing that girl in!)

Have a good weekend all!!


  1. I think you look pretty badass in the first pic. Strong finish! Sorry you didn't have the exact race you wanted, but once those pesky little details get ironed out (maybe it was just the day?) sounds like you've got some kick ass racing ahead of you.

  2. Those pictures look fine!!! And I'm glad you got a 1:40! That's awesome! Have a great weekend!
    oh, and Sarah OUaL commenting on your blog!?!? NICE! I'm jealous! :)

  3. 1:40 is amazing! Love your two pics. You look so driven!!

  4. I personally think your pictures look great. If you want to see bad pics, I'll show you mine :O) You definitely hit 1:40...such a bummer they didn't get chip times. Gun times are always slower than chip times!