Monday, September 10, 2012

Double Digits

I wish a camera could capture the beauty of a sunrise, the sky was on fire this morning and it was really beautiful!

All in all I had a great weekend....

Friday night I was exhausted, and Jessica texted that she couldn't do a long run on Saturday morning.  I knew my only hope of getting it done, with some company would be to join Mick's group in Terravista.  (Mick is one of the leaders in my Georgetown running group that I go to on Tuesday's and Thursday's)  I was dreading getting up to meet at 530!

As I was driving there I looked at the weather report and it said that there was going to be 20 mph winds increasing to 25mph as the morning went on.  Fun!

I met up with the group and we started out on to the dark country road that runs along the Terravista housing community.  Let me re-iterate it was DARK!  I kept up with Mick and Erin at about a 8:10-8:14 pace.  It felt hard!  The wind was right in our face, and it felt like we were on a gradual uphill the whole time.  I was happy when my garmin chimed on that 5th mile so I could turn around.  But what I didn't realize when I was running with Erin and Mick, is that it was creepy and again super dark out there.  I really picked up the pace my last 5 miles and had a a couple miles there at about a 7:2 pace.  It didn't feel super hard though and I felt pretty strong until the last mile.

11 miles first double digit run since January!!!  And I wasn't too sore the rest of the day and the rest of the weekend I felt great!  I think this 3 days a week running plan is really working for me!

I was so happy to see this on my running log!

Saturday afternoon I cleaned house and did some errands....Sunday a lot more of the same thing.  But one thing that was AWESOME about this weekend is that we had some cool weather!!!  This morning on the way to Dane's it was 60 in Florence and I turned my heater on in my car!  And looks like some cooler weather is in store for least a little cooler!  (I swear when I looked at this yesterday it said 80's all week, hmmm...I wonder why it changed?  Maybe it was my wishful thinking!)

My workout plans for this week:
Monday - Dane's Lower Body Squatting hell - done
Tuesday - Run Group hopefully 7+ miles
Wednesday - Dane's Core Fusion
Thursday - Run Group Track Workout
Friday - Dane's Upper Body Fusion
Saturday - 8 miles with Jessica....or
Sunday - Luke's Locker Road Kill Trail Run

I hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. congrats on the double digits! You are all such speed demons!!

  2. How great would it be if we can get through the week without any triple digit temps!! :)

    I am so glad you joined us on Saturday. To finish your first double digit run in awhile with negative splits is awesome. You are looking strong!

  3. Wow, speedy! I'd love to be able to run that fast. Nice job on the double digits!!