Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Laid Plans

In two weeks I am running the Hottest 1/2 Marathon in Dallas.  The race is paid for, the hotel is paid for, and the plans are made.

This will be my second half marathon, the first being the Decker Challenge.

When I signed up for it months ago I felt myself right on track for training for it, and I felt like my running injury free was finally happening.  I felt good about it, not PR good, but I figured I would be up to over 10 mile long runs and be able to at least complete it.

Now I just don't know.

The most mileage I have completed non-stop was the Toughest 10K in Lampasas.  The most mileage I have done in a day is 8 something.  Miles I have run this week....Almost 1.  Yep, one whole mile since last Saturday.

Ever since the Toughest 10K my back and hips have been touch and go.  And I felt some tightness in my calves...I felt some tweaks in my shins....So, to be smart I did yoga two times last week....and after Vern's No Frill last Saturday my back was killing decided to take a week off from running.  I did my workouts at Dane's Monday, Wednesday, and Friday....and on Tuesday and Thursday I did yoga.  I only ran in the workouts, which totaled about a mile between Monday and Friday.

My back was still hurting mid week, as well as my hips.  So I finally broke down and made an appointment with Ron V. a highly recommended massage therapist.  More on this later....back to the 1/2....

I am going to try an easy 3 mile run tomorrow and see how I feel.  I don't think I am going to be up to running 13 miles or even 10 within 2 weeks.  And I don't mean this in offense to anyone....but I am not a walker.  I don't want to go to that race and end up walking most of it.  It would kill me mentally.  I also know that running slow hurts more sometimes.  These are all the things that ran through my mind...
I can run as far as I can and then walk the rest.
I can run a mile, walk a mile.
I can run it really slow
I can run it really fast and kill my body
I can not go at all

I still haven't truly decided what I am going to do.  I also am running this with my friend Jessica, so that puts a little more pressure on me to go since we are splitting hotel, etc...
Maybe I will just go and cheer her on?

To say the least I am disappointed.  I feel like though I am stronger from all the cross training at Dane's, my body still doesn't like me upping the miles.  (Even though I felt like I was being smart about it.)  I am not back where I was physically in January when I wasn't able to run before, but I feel on the verge of it and it's really upsetting.

I went to Ron V. today and he really dug out my pelvis area, and lower back.  He also noticed I am really tight in my rib cage which could be contributing to the pain in my lower back.  I do not like massage as a general rule, BUT I could have had him do that all day.  My lower back and glute area is so tight and even though it hurt a lot, it felt so good to have someone get in there and release some of the tightness.  He said I am really lacking mobility in my pelvis and hips because of the tightness of the muscles.  I am going to try and go back to him again in a couple weeks.  I am hoping it helps.

As for the 1/2, I will make a decision in the next week what to do...wish me luck on my 3 miles tomorrow!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. First, I am so sorry you are having to deal with all of this again. My heart breaks for you, as I know how frustrating it is. I am really glad you went to see Ron, and hope he can provide both some insight and solutions to the pain you are having.

    What about switching to the 10k?

    Also, not sure if this makes a difference, but the Hottest Half is pancake flat. Not sure if it's hills that are bothering you, but maybe a flat race wouldn't irritate as much? It's also an out and back course so there is the option of turning back early if need be (I know that would suck, but it is an option).

    Hope your 3 miles goes well tomorrow! Coming from someone who has had to sit out from a slew of already paid for races due to injury, it SUCKS but worth it in the long run if you're not ready for it. There are always other races (as told to me many times even though I hated hearing it.)