Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things I am loving today, and things I am hating today

* I am loving that I am getting my studio crops from Lululemon today!  Thank you husband for bday present!
*I am hating packing....I don't know what to bring, what not to bring, what I will need, what I won't need....skirts?  dresses?  shorts?  tennis shoes?  sandals? ballet flats?  How many shoes?  how many socks?  towel?  how many books? how many hats?  how much cash?  I will be glad when I check my bag and am no longer worried about it.

*I am loving My Fit Foods!  We got some buy one get one meal free cards, so we have had this for lunch twice now.  The first time I had a great salad with shrimp
It was SO good! And really filling!  Yesterday I had the Lean Ground Turkey with Rice...another really good dish!

If we didn't have the coupons, it might get pretty expensive at about $9 a meal, but I guess that's pretty comparable to a fast food lunch somewhere.

*I am hating that I still have a lot to do before leaving tomorrow morning. Phene has her spring program tonight at 7pm so I just know that from the time I leave work, until my head hits the pillows it's going to be NON stop!

*I am also hating that I skipped working out this morning.  I ran 3 miles Monday, 5 miles on Tuesday, and 2 yesterday, as well as working out at Dane's both Monday and yesterday....I know I needed a break day because I am feeling a little worn down.  When the alarm went off this morning at 4:40a, I went back to bed.  Here's to hoping I run while in Jamaica!

*I am really loving that I get to see and spend some much needed time with my best friend Amy!

Alright, that's all I have...until next week.................................


  1. Ah don't sweat the missed workout. Enjoy Jamaica!!!!!!!!!

  2. Enjoy Jamaica and have a great time - you deserve it!

    I hate packing...and end up packing everything. A girl's gotta have options :)

    Let the missed workout go - you are dedicated and determined, so for you to skip it you probably needed the rest (especially with a busy day of travel coming up).

  3. My hubby got me those same crops for Xmas! Hee hee! I also have the pants (sooooooooooo comfy and I wear them all the time).

    Have a great time in Jamaica! SO jealous!

    What is My Fit Foods ... looks healthy. :)