Monday, March 19, 2012

You Really Want to Know What I Think?

*I don't like the word "nom" or "nommy". Use the word yum people! Or yummy! I don't know why but this word bugs me...people on pinterest use it all the time!

*We went shoe shopping for my step-daughter who is 7 on Sunday. We walked by a popular tween store called "Justice". Since we had never been there we went in to check it out. (Plus it had a sign on the front that said 40% off of whole store) OMG! So, I start looking around and I could not believe the prices! A skirt, small, cotton, shorts built in.... $45! Well of course it was 40% off....but even then...that's EXPENSIVE! With the way the kids treat/stain/ruin their clothing...I just can't imagine shopping there. Of course my step-daughter loved the store, so sadly I think we will be back there at some point.

*The IT guy here at work said he has been losing a bunch of weight using He went on and on about how great the workouts are. So, today I decided to take a look at the site. Supposedly there is a different exercise for ever day and it works a different part of the body, plus they are only like 10 minutes long. OMG (Yes another one!!!)....the lady who is doing the workouts is in a sports bra and bikini type bottoms. And the filming is mostly focusing on her crotch or her a$$. Geez IT guy, why would you recommend these to me!? He is not the first one who has mentioned these, so I know they are popular. And now I guess I know why. But I personally don't want to stare at a lady's crotch or a$$ while I do my crunches.

*What's up with my sweet tooth? I have been craving sugar lately! This is my new obsession.....
Doesn't it look good? And besides the chocolate, probably not that much sugar! And maybe easy to make?

And lastly, but not least.....

*Thank you thunder and lightning for keeping me, my husband, my daughter, and our dogs up all night...woo hoo for working with no sleep :(


  1. Nom and Nommy sounds incredibly juvenile and annoys me as well. Maybe if I was talking to a child, but hopefully not even then would I use it :)

    Haven't heard of BodyRock, but it sounds like one I should def not chekc out.

    My cousin makes Puppy Chow. That stuff is ADDICTING!

  2. This is where "om nomnom nom" came from...

    Stupid, but I admit... I use the term :(

    Puppy chow takes 10 minutes to make. Don't do it. You'll have a huge bag and be forced to eat it all. Then make more when you run out because it's so easy. It has chocolate, peanut butter, powdered sugar and rice chex.