Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rants & Rave & Oohs & Ahhs

If you live in Austin, and perhaps in a lot of other cities you have seen people wearing TOMS shoes.  In my opinion they are really ugly.  The shape of them is kind of weird, and I just think they aren't aesthetically pleasing at all.  BUT I just saw they have come out with some ballet flats that are SUPER cute!
Of course they come in different colors, and the same linen material as original Toms.  I just love plain black personally....but take a look they have tons of cute colors!  And if I was more stylish I would totally be wanting that tan and black pair!
(Too bad my birthday is still months away, I can't justify spending $84 on shoes right now....unless of course they are running shoes!)
Before I had kids I would have bought these in a second....damn kids.

*Speaking of running shoes...I should be getting my new pair today and I plan on trying an easy 2 miles asap.  Not running is getting really old, and I am ready to get back out there on the streets!  Tomorrow I have an appointment with the chiropractor and I am hoping he can "dig" this pain out of my calf/shin.

*Now for my rant.  I was on google news yesterday and they had an interesting article about sugar.  Saying we as Americans consume way too much sugar that can cause all kinds of health problems.  And that sugar should be regulated.  Now I am all about freedoms and making our own choices.  But I have to say that I think sugar consumption is out of control.  Most people don't even realize how much sugar they eat.

I was raised in a household where sugar was very limited, and healthy foods were pretty much our only option.  And honestly, though I am sure at times I would have loved a bowl of Fruit Loops, or a can of soda, I am VERY happy that my parents kept most sugar out of my diet.  The habit has continued in to my adult life and I couldn't be more happy about it!

When I had Phene I really wanted to do the same thing for her that my parents did for me.  And for the most part she really doesn't eat too much sugar.  We don't give her soda, she drinks mostly water, we only give her treats like ice cream, cookies, etc... on special occasions.  And I am very proud and happy we have kept with this for so long and continue to do so.  But I realize that MOST parents aren't like this.

For example.....we went to a bday party at Chucky Cheese last weekend.  And they served pizza to the kids...and Dr. Pepper!  Dr. BLEW my mind!  Not only because of the sugar, but the caffeine!!  Of course Phene didn't have any....but who gives their 3 year old Dr. Pepper!!???  But I know this parent isn't alone. I had a friend awhile back who would give her 1.5 year old Blow Pops to keep her quiet while shopping.  Just amazing to me.

Recently I mentioned to a co-worker we don't give the kids candy.  And she said I was so mean.  Really?!  Mean?  I explained that this is the way I was raised, and it has promoted a healthy diet/lifestyle for me and I want to do the same for the kids. She didn't get it, and I don't really care, but mean?

I just think parents need to be aware of the habits they are starting with their children.  It's not mean to think of your children's health and well being.

I want to add that I do eat candy, I do eat sugar, and I do eat unhealthy foods.  BUT I think that I am more aware, and I limit myself, and I think about things before I eat them. My parents planted a seed in my mind, that has grown and flourished and has made me a healthier adult.

***end rant

*This weekend is Cupids Chase 5k in Georgetown.  I was really looking forward to running it....sigh....I am still going to go, and Sean & Josie are going to run it instead.  For the first time in a long time I will be the cheering section.  Will try to get some good pictures to post a recap!

*Damn you Pinterest!  If you have not gone to that site yet DON'T EVER GO!!!  JUST DON'T!!!  It's like car crash you just can't stop looking, even if you want to!!!

Pizza Casserole??!!

Cats in Bikinis??

Chocolate Cookie Dough Brownies!

Craft ideas!
Ladies with sparkles?

Ok, I am sure you can get my point.




  1. Oh good grief... Kaylee doesn't get sugar either. It kills my grandmother... I let her watch her for an hour one time while I went and worked out. I came back to find that she had strawberry shortcake, ice cream and Dr Pepper for dinner. Seriously? The kid wasn't even a year old. Needless to say, my grandmother doesn't watch her often. My mother is convinced that Kaylee needs juice. Why? She's perfectly happy with milk and water. Juice is expensive and full of sugar. (The woman also admitted to putting Pepsi in our bottles as babies...)

    Snacks? No... trail mix.. fresh fruit.. or a 1/4 of a peanut butter sandwich. She's HAPPY. The happiest kid I know.

    My parents fed us out of a box, a can or a drive thru. My lunch every day in middle school and most of high school was a candy bar and a soda. Thank goodness my pancreas works well!

    So yea... so be it if I'm "mean"... my kid won't develop Type 2 diabetes. She won't be fat. And she'll know what veggies and fruits are well before her mid-20s, unlike me who is just now figuring it out.

    Ugh. Hahaha there's my rant... this subject just IRKS the hell out of me.

  2. thank you so much. foosbobetr good Archive