Thursday, February 16, 2012


*There are some great recipes on Pinterest! I needed some new ideas and I have found quite a few. One thing I have noticed though....there are more REALLY fattening sweet or cheesy recipes on there than low fat healthy recipes. So you really have to pick and choose. I made this macaroni recipe that I found on there a few days ago. It was GREAT...but SO buttery...and SO cheesy. It's the kind of thing you only want to eat once in awhile.

Hello Hot Lava Chocolate Chip Cookie with Ice Cream!

*High fives are totally lame...unless you have just finished 10 minutes at fusion boot camp and you are nearly passing out and hyperventilating. That's a satisfying high five moment with your neighbor!
(Or as Tony Horton would say "Best high five of your life!")

*You have to own a Chihuahua to love a Chihuahua. Otherwise they are just annoying shaky little twits.

*Thursday is not Friday, not matter how many times you try to convince yourself!

*I really want to paint my toe nails blue! Or maybe Black? What do you think? Too young and trendy for a 32 year old? Or cute? (Maybe I am missing the black toe nails I was getting from running)

*The beard is back....have you noticed?


  1. I've been trying to get the wife to go for a fist bump in lieu of the high five. She won't go for it.

  2. Pinterest does have some really tasty looking recipes. This is one time I'm glad I can't cook or I would be in trouble!

    Frankie looks like he is plotting something evil in this picture! Love it! (Hope he's feeling better!)

    I like the blue polish!

  3. Hahha we taught Kaylee how to fist bump and do a high five. Ya just never know.... :p

    I want that cookie lava thing like NOW. OMG....

    Toe nail color is totally different than fingernail color, imo. I think you can get away with a brighter toe nail color much longer than you could with a fingernail color. So, I say go for it.