Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If I Was Rich and Maybe Famous

I bought a groupon that includes exercise classes at a few different locations in my area. Today I did a fusion bootcamp class at this small gym. I really loved the place! It was a small group in a small room, and I felt like it was a very personal experience, unlike some of the larger exercise classes found at the local gyms. I felt like the instructor really spent time showing the forms, and walked around and could talk to everyone and help everyone if they were having issues or not doing something quite right.

(And yes, that dog was there this morning!)

It was a series of sets of exercises. We did planks, jump planks, push ups, push ups with arm raises, kettleball swings, squats, vinyasas, stretching, and much more.  It was a great workout!

The groupon I bought allows me to do 10 classes at this one location. So I signed up for 2 classes a week for 5 weeks. I am interested to see how much I improve and how much stronger I am at the end.

It made me realize that I would love to have a personal trainer to work with a few days a week. I think I would push myself harder, and I would learn a little more about exercises besides running. Seriously I am clueless and appreciate getting more informed about keeping in shape!

If only I was rich!  Oh well, I enjoy running and pushing myself, by myself.  Just kind of fun to have a change and a good learning experience!

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