Friday, January 27, 2012

8 Days & Counting

8 Days since I last ran.
I woke up kind of frustrated.
From my first step today I felt sore.
All I did was yoga yesterday so I shouldn't be feeling sore.
Worked out on the elliptical for 35 minutes which was painless.
Came in to work and weighed myself. I have gained 2lbs.
Looks like I need to cut back on eating, and get on a diet of sorts if I am going to be off running for awhile.
I am so bad at dieting or having portion control.
I really miss being out there in fresh air, wind in my hair, feet on the pavement...
Feeling stir crazy.
So much on my mind today.
At least it's friday!


  1. Don't feel bad - my "diet" lasted about 3 days. I just can't do it. I refuse to weight myself but my pants are fitting a little tighter. If I could just wear sweat pants to work, I'd be set :)

  2. My only advice, step away from the scale. Trust your jeans and your shorts etc. It is going to be tough but since your are mentally down now from not running, why make matters worse by stepping on the scale? I have been there. Ugly. I have no portion control either. I live like I run ALL the time even though I wasn't.

    If you want that training program and cannot find it online, let me know. I saved it as a PDF and can email it to you. Running three times a week really did keep me injury free for two marathons. Lately I have put so much heart and soul into running that things are starting to ache, so I need to cut back a bit

    Have a great weekend. Look up elliptical workouts on google. There are a few that can help change up the routine a bit.