Monday, December 19, 2011

Jingle Bell Hell 5K (The race I didn't even knew I ran!)

Unbeknownest to me. I ran a 5K this weekend.
Aptly named Jinglebell Hell 5K.
And I would like to blame this lady...

It started out nicely enough...a nice holiday run with my runtex group. I even had company for a mile of it....and then before I knew it...I was tired...running on the roads alone!

There were no hills, but there were loops...and loops are the things I hate most. There is nothing worse than running past the same house twice...running down the same road twice...the same barking dogs, the same parked cars....crazy making I tell you!

I ran, and ran, looking at my Garmin every 5 seconds or so to see how far I was from the finish...My legs were weights....and of course it figured every intersection I came to I had to stop to yield to cars, and then start running again...slower than when I stopped of course!

At one point I spotted my friends running towards me from another road...I almost ran towards them to get back in to some running company to take my mind off my last miles...but I knew they were faster...and I would run with them for a few seconds and then I would have to be watching them run away from me.

So I kept right on going....

And before I knew it I had hit 3.1 miles and I had finished....

whew!! I had just completed Jinglebell hell 5k...though I didn't realize it until this afternoon.

I would give you my splits, but we don't want to revel and dwell on how slow those 3.1 miles were...let's just was between REALLY slow, and kinda fast.

So, in closing, I will blame her for that 3.1 miles of looping and leaden legs.


(The previous 6.9 warm up miles for this race were great by the way!)

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  1. How did I miss this? You will be added for sure! And definitely you get prizes!