Monday, December 12, 2011

Decker Challenge 1/2 Marathon Recap

Jessica and I met up and drove together to the Expo center where the race started.  I was a little worried because when we got there it started sprinkling and it was about 40 degrees and I just couldn't imagine being went the whole race, but lucky for us it stopped right before we started.  The weather was actually perfect, not much wind and a steady temperature of about 45 degrees.

I went in to this race recovering from a sore back.  So I had planned on running the miles at about 9-9.30 pace depending on how I felt.  I don't have my Garmin with me to give you the exact splits but the first 8 miles were around a 8.56 pace.  The course was up and down rolling hills and really not as bad as I thought.  Definitely not flat, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Unfortunately at around mile 8 Jessica had to slow down because her knee was giving her issues.  So from then on I was running by myself.  I picked up the pace the last 5 miles to 7.50-8 minute miles and I felt GREAT!  Even when I came to the dreaded hill at mile 10 I just cruised up it, not looking up of course, but still really strong not slowing down much.  After the hill I was passing all kinds of people and had negative splits all the way in to the finish line.

My goal was under 2 hours so I am really happy with my time!
First 1/2 Marathon FINISHED!

Luckily my back is feeling 90% better and didn't hurt me at all during the race.  Today my body is a little sore, but I think by tomorrow I will be up for a few miles recovery.

Thanks to Jessica for running with me and Erin for letting Jessica run in her place!

It was a great day!


  1. Congrats! You really rocked it. I would guess that will be the hardest half marathon (course-wise) that you'll ever run, so it's all downhill from here!! It's been really exciting seeing your running progress!

  2. Wow!!! Way to go!!!! Sub 2 hours!? Woot woot.

    I am glad your back isn't giving you any more trouble and hope it stays that way.

    Rest and recover!

    PS: we found a super old camera that had not be included in the bunch that was stolen so we're using that right now. :)