Monday, November 28, 2011

How Potty Training Broke My Back

Phene started daycare a month or so ago. And it has turned out to be really good for her and she loves it! She is also learning to use the bathroom, also known as potty training.

Now in theory this is a GREAT thing! But...potty training is just!

She still has accidents, though not many. But what I am finding the most difficult is now she wants to use the bathroom when we are out places. She has her pull ups on, so if she has an accident she can "go" in her diaper, but if we are at Walmart and she says she has to go potty....well I can't say no...kind of ruins the "training".

I myself HATE using public bathrooms. I barely touch anything and I rarely sit on the seat. So, here I am bringing Phene in to the restroom helping her not touch anything, which is hard!

So, here begins my story....

I had big plans Friday night. I was going to meet Sean with the kids in Georgetown for the tree lighting ceremony. I had this brilliant idea that we would get some pizza and go to the park and eat picnic style and then head over to meet Sean. It was all going so well until Phene had to go potty.

The bathroom at the park is small, and a little stinky, and on this particular afternoon not so clean. So, I had to really hold her kind of over the potty (I wiped it down really good with 2 baby wipes, but it was DIRTY!) So, I am holding her and she twists around and I am in that cramped bathroom trying to hold her up and WHAM! My back....I literally fell to the floor, and she fell on the seat! Damn it!

About once a year my back goes "out". I get sciatic pain so bad that I can barely walk. About a week ago I was having some knee pain, and I told myself at least I wasn't having back pain. This is a lesson on watching what you say, and even what you think! My back was kind of acting weird through the week and I was trying to stretch a little more and ran a little slower....but that weird twist I did in the bathroom got me.

I went home and went to bed early. And Saturday I tried to take it easy. It's feeling better each day but it still hurts and I am not running which SUCKS! I know I need to give it some rest and maybe do some yoga tonight or tomorrow. I will try for an easy run on Wednesday.

This is such horrible timing as I have a 1/2 marathon on December 11th....let's just hope these days I am taking off and some stretching and easy running will help this go away faster. It's definitely not as bad as when it happened last year and I could barely walk for a week, so I am thankful for that.

Any way, thanks for reading my long story. I feel sad today and REALLY want to run :(


  1. Take it easy. You'll be fine for your race. You've already gotten in plenty of training to this point.

    Potty training is awful! I'm training my son right now. His aim is getting a little better, but I still have a pretty big mess to clean up every time he goes.

  2. Oh no!! I can relate to how much not running stinks. I only ran twice last week which just about killed me - but, the time off does help. You'll be fine for Decker - you've already put in the hard work and miles so the hay is in the barn. I'm going to a yoga class on Wednesday in Gtown at 6 pm if you're interested. It's the Yoga on the Square - first class is free.

  3. Oh I hear you ... when my 3.5 year was potty training she has a fear of public bathrooms (still does) but at the same time, she HAS to go too ya know? I do the holding thing a lot and it is a PITA!!

    Hope the rest of the training goes well.