Monday, October 17, 2011

Too Personal?

Do any of you who write a blog struggle with what you should blog about? Obviosuly running is a theme on my blog...and most of you who follow my blog run, or are interested in reading blogs about running. I don't find writing about running challenging, or even writing about little tid bits about my life....But at times I wonder...when is too much information....too much information?

I have read a few blogs that were very personal...spoke of real struggles, or real feelings. These blogs to me are pretty riveting. And I respect a person who can lay it all out there and say how they are feeling....but would this be a blog I would follow and want to read religously? And if really laid it all out there would my followers (or potential followers) be upset? Unfollow me? Secretly think to themselves "wow that blog is a little too much?". (PLUS, there are some of my followers who I actually know in "real life" and what would these people think or say?)

I think about this sometimes....because as we all know life isn't perfect...and there are the struggles that are easy to talk about...but there are some struggles/issues that are harder to talk about...that perhaps others don't really want to know about anyway. (?) But they are there, behind our words we write here on our blogs.

Sometimes I think I should start a private blog that would be more like a journal. But wouldn't that kind of defeat the purpose of this blog? I don't know...I have just been thinking about this lately.


  1. I tend to take the stance that my grandparents read my blog, and would they be proud to read what I wrote. There may be times that I want to share more than I do, there may be times I want to say a certain choice word but chose another instead. And there may be times I feel like I should share more but when it comes down to it, I want to be proud of what I write, whether it be a lot or a little.

  2. Anytime I post something really personal or embarrassing, it's the "real life" friends that I think "oh crap, what if they see this." It's so much easier to lay it all out there for my blog community.

  3. I've seen this dilemma posted on a few blogs. I think it depends on what the purpose of your blog is and who you write for. For me, I started my blog when I was training for my Ironman to document my journey - both the ups and downs - so I could go back years from now and remember. I write for myself; I really never thought anyone (other than maybe my mom) would even read my blog. I guess my opinion is that you can't please everyone and if people don't want to read what I write, then don't read it. What I've seen on some blogs with a ton of followers that really bothers me is when people post (anonymously of course) really nasty & critical comments to the blogger. To me, if you don't like what people have to say then don't read. It's a hard line to figure out where to draw; however, what you think people may not care about, may actually be something they can really relate too.

  4. I understand this. Sometimes I feel that what I post about (in regards to motherhood) is not something my inlaws and family (who mainly read my blog) care about.

    However, that wouldn't be the truth and it wouldn't be ... I am an honest person and although I try to keep the venting/moaning negative thoughts out of my blog ... sometimes they may sneak in.

    I blog mainly about running, it works better when I am training for something but my family wants to see the kids ... of course so I have to incorporate both! :)

  5. I have a "I don't care what people think" attitude when it comes to my blog... I write for me. It's often times my therapy. My public blog is typically for non-confrontational things though and is quite boring. :p I do have a private blog that I do the majority of my soul searching on though - I get pretty deep into details.

  6. For a couple years my blog was running, or things thought running, races, gear, etc. And I found it became more of a chore. It going boring--does anyone care if I ran 10 or 15 miles? And I did an experiment for one month and opened it up to be more creative, write what was going on. That changed it all for me. Now I write about running when running is what I'm thinking about, but I write about a lot more, and I write a lot more.