Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Steps

I have been stressing!

Ever since my run on Monday where I had some pretty extreme ankle pain I have been OBSESSING about whether it would hurt again the next time I ran. I iced on and off Monday...and on and off Tuesday. I took it very easy and probably looked pretty lame half limping around! I just didn't want to put any pressure on it.

This morning, with knots in my stomach I embarked on my run. I planned for a slow run around 9:30-10 minute miles and told myself I didn't need to go fast, because you see I have kind of an issue with being slow. Any way....I digress...So I started out one foot gingerly in front of the other. And it DIDN'T hurt! YEAH! I ran 5 slow miles and even at the end I felt pretty good. Funny, though in an ironic kind of way that now I have some shin pain, but I am not too worried about that because that I can work out with the foam roller.

To say the least I am H-A-P-P-Y!!! I still plan on icing (Just took the ice pack off) and I still plan on only running slow runs this week. I can still get my mileage I am just staying away from speed work this week and I am going to stick with that 9:30-10 minute pace. (Though I might have to stick a 8:30 pace mile in there somewhere!)

I didn't want to mention this the other day, because IF that ankle pain did not go away it would be pretty disappointing for me to mention this and not be able to do it. But...I am thinking of carrying on this 1/2 marathon training and doing a full marathon next year. The Austin marathon to be exact. (I believe it's in February) I have been running more miles each week on my long runs, more than I needed to for 1/2 marathon training. And it's feeling really good. I need to think about it more, and look in to what changes I would need to make during my weekly running to get in enough training miles. (The weekend long runs I can make time for, but the weekdays runs are limited and I just don't have that much extra time) I never thought I would run a full marathon, or want to for that we will see....

On another note our AC went out yesterday morning AGAIN! So, I got to leave work at 11am to meet the AC guy and I got to spend the afternoon with Phene! Made me wish I could do it every day! I miss her so much when I am at work. And I feel like I am missing out on all those little funny moments! We had a GREAT afternoon together. And luckily our AC only needed a freon fill up though he did say we probably have a leak...and we will probably need a new AC soon. time!

Something also good about yesterday is we got some more rain! Not a lot but I am figuring every little bit helps! I broke down and bought a $120 bale of hay the other day :( And I am hoping by the next time we need a bale that the price will be back down in the $70-75 range. After 4 days of putting hay out the ponies are finally eating it. I think they have been spoiled by eating pellets all summer and it might take them awhile to remember that they like munching on hay all day again. They better for $120!!!!!

(As for the title today I am referencing Bill Murray in "What About Bob". I just laugh when I think of his character in that movie, that's a good one I haven't watched in awhile!)

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  1. I am so glad to hear the ankle pain has stayed away. Sounds like it was thankfully just a little tweak - I get those every once and awhile and am always praying that it's nothing serious.

    I think you are up for the challenge of running a marathon :).